Restaurants & Bars

Each food and drink ticket in our all-inclusive packages can be redeemed for menu items from several South Padre Island restaurants. Redeem your EnjoySPI Food and Drink Tickets anytime during opening hours at:

  • La Copa Cabana Bar & Grill
  • Lookout Bar & Refuge
  • Barry’s International
  • Barry Tacos & Margaritas
  • The Garden Café (Proudly Service Starbucks Coffee)
  • La Copa Cafe (Proudly Service Starbucks Coffee)
  • La Copa Tequila Bar
  • Le Petit Martini Bar

Barry’s International

Barry’s International is a family-style restaurant with a world-class bar. This South Padre Island restaurant is located at Hilton Garden Inn. Barry’s International features a variety of delicious food with roots around the world.

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The Lookout Bar & Refuge

The Lookout is a popular beachfront bar serving a delicious and simple selection food, like pizza, burgers, and seafood. This South Padre Island bar is located beachside behind La Quinta Inn & Suites beach hotel.

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La Copa Cabana Bar & Grill

La Copa Cabana Bar & Grill is a small, quick-bites restaurant and bar located poolside at La Copa Inn Beach Hotel.

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La Copa Café Proudly Serving Starbucks Coffee

La Copa Cafe is located in the lobby at La Copa Inn Beach Hotel and Proudly Serves Starbucks Coffee as well a small selection of pastries and other baked confections.

La Copa Tequila Bar

La Copa Tequila Bar is a small bar located in the lobby of La Copa Inn Beach Hotel.