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Are you into the art of yoga? Whenever you find yourself in South Padre Island, you should never pass on the chance to attend one of the best lunchtime yoga events. Daily lunchtime yoga in South Padre Island gives you the opportunity to explore the art of yoga all through the week at lunchtime. The whole essence of this event is to help visitors and locales stay fit mentally and physically without having to bother about preceding other activities for the day. It is handled by professionals who have deep insight into the wonders of yoga. Therefore, you certainly do not want to miss the opportunity to attend the daily lunchtime yoga in South Padre Island especially if you are on a visit. Tickets available at the door of the SPI community center at the rate of $5 per person.

Asides the daily lunchtime yoga in South Padre Island, South Padre, also gives you the opportunity to experience some other unique side attractions such as its food, exclusive concerts, fishing experience, water sports, as well as resort rentals. All activities that should get you engaged and entertained all through your stay on the Island. It is, without doubt, your preferred destination if fun and relaxation is your aim.

Event– Daily lunch time fitness on South Padre Island

Date – March 18, 2018


Monday: 12pm-1pm

Tuesday: 12pm-1pm

Wednesday: 12pm-1pm

Thursday: 12pm-1pm

Friday: 12pm-1pm

Saturday: 12pm-1pm

Sunday: 12pm-1pm

Location – 6801 Padre Boulevard, South Padre Island

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Jul 22 2018


12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
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