Daily Lunch Time Fitness: Qi Gong

If you seek to find relief and prevention of specific deadly diseases while in South Padre Island, then this is just the right event for you. Qigong is a type of exercise which is made up of some movements which repeated a few times; this often involves stretching the body as well as increasing the fluid movement of the human body. The effectiveness of this technique has been verified to be accurate over a few thousands of years. This is why any visitor to the city should make it a date to try their hands on this unique opportunity that should help you get mental clarity as well as physical restoration. The daily lunchtime Qi Gong at South Padre Island event takes place on the 20th of March 2018 between 12 pm to 1 pm lunch time. The exercise classes are made available by meditation and Laguna Madre Yoga. Payments made at the door at the rate of $5 per person.

It is however worthy of note that there are a few other activities you could be actively involved in while you are in the city aside from the daily lunchtime fitness Qi Gong at South Padre Island. For instance, you could opt to engage in water sports as well as cycling and bird watching. Also, if you are a lover of food, you could take out time to explore the rich culinary culture which the city has to offer during your stay.

You are surely bound to have a great time taking part in the daily lunchtime Qi Gong at South Padre Island if only you decide to be there.

Event: daily lunchtime Qi Gong

Date: 20th March 2018

Time: 12pm-1pm

dVenue: 4601 Padre Boulevard South Padre Island

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Jul 24 2018


12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
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